Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a real foodie. I love to eat good food. My mum used to say to me at times ‘your eyes are bigger than your belly’. Now that’s not to say I am a glutton, no sir! I just love food. I have eaten street food from carts and I have eaten in swanky top restaurants and pretty much everything in between. For me it’s not about how much it costs but how great it tastes. That being said I have been known to load up my plate at times as I cannot, not try everything.

what's what kitchen

Over time I have dabbled in the kitchen, in my earlier years I experimented with things like making my own pesto and having a few ‘signature’ dishes you could not only count on one hand but on one finger! Now I am older and (hopefully) wiser I have found my niche and am enjoying my culinary journey.

What’s What Kitchen is my ongoing journey which I would love to share with you. As previously mentioned it’s all about the taste. I have created my own recipes and used and amended others to suit my continued search to make the best food I can as inexpensively as possible. What’s my reason behind this?

what's what kitchen

I remember vividly going to a top restaurant in London years ago and having a great seafood meal. Swordfish on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables, great wine, sumptuous desserts. It was a really great meal. Then came the bill – £150 for 2 people. I wasn’t surprised at this as we had, what I thought at the time was decent food and wine but it was only after finding that the wine, which was £48 a bottle in the restaurant was on sale in my local supermarket for £4.99. Now I was more than a bit peeved at that, I know you pay over the odds for things when dining out but 960% markup? That’s beyond reasonable in my books, the same can be said of the food and the markup for that too. (That’s not me in the pic below by the way 🙂 )

what's what kitchen

So why am I telling you this? Working in various places and companies and quite a bit of research has given me insights into how the food hits the markets and supermarkets. Not only that but I have been checking out popular dishes and deconstructing them to find out how they are made and how much they cost. It’s very interesting when you see the information staring at you in black and white and I know I found myself wondering why on earth my buying patterns were so expensive and set out to create food that was not only cheap but so great in flavour and taste that when I told people how much the dish cost they did not believe me.

I recreated my £150 meal at home for a mere £37. I didn’t really use the best value products either as I just wanted to see how much it would be from a curiosity point of view. Looking back I think I probably could have done it for less than £30 including the wine and this is where that experiment has led me.

It’s my goal to show each and every one of you how to have good, no great food at super low prices as well as having fun cooking and eating the fruits of your labours. The food you will be making from my recipes will not only be healthier as it will be less processed then some of the instant meals you will buy but it will contain your own unique signature which your family and friends will come to know and love and not forgetting the main reason, it will be cheaper than going to the takeaway or restaurant so that’s more money in your pocket to do the things you love (yay! big cheer! )

what's what kitchen

Is there a catch, well only for you to keep coming back to my free site, yes everything here is completely free for you to enjoy. I will however have some of my own products for sale which I will point you to, and I will also recommend certain products and services which you can check out completely free and without obligation. If you do decide to check anything out that I sell or promote and decide to buy something then it will give me a few pennies towards keeping this site going and remaining free.

That said I will be continuing my research whilst working on this site, to keep you all well fed and entertained for less. Has the art of the dinner party and entertaining died? With so many fast food options out there it’s no wonder people choose the quick dial option. I hope to also bring back (if it has gone out already) ‘staying in is the new going out’

My pictures are taken by myself too and have a rustic home cooked feel to them. I like to think that if you made them yourself they would turn out pretty similar in look and taste as opposed to those glossy professional pics you see everywhere that make you feel slightly less of a cook when your dish turns out looking nothing like theirs, well worry no more, let’s be ‘rustic’ together 🙂

I will in time be able to give you full dining menus along with an app to instantly create a related shopping list for the dish(es) you want to prepare as well as tips for how to have a great dinner party, the best wines to go with the foods and much more. Please subscribe to the blog at the top of the page to receive regular updates as every time a new recipe gets uploaded you will be notified.

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