Save over £2000 per year on coffee

Coffee. We all love it right? So how do you take your daily fix? Starbucks? Costa? It’s all good and you always get a great drink but have you thought of how it all adds up?

Let me shock you with just how much those cappuccino’s and latte’s add up to. Well according to the latest prices (depending where you go ) range from £2.45 – £2.60 for a medium cappuccino or a latte.

If you have just one per day that’s (using the cheaper price) £17.15 per week or £891.80 per year, phew! And that’s just 1 per day. I’m sure there are people like myself who can quite easily drink 3 or 4 per day. You can imagine how the cost mounts up! £2675.40 on 3 coffee’s per day, I mean really? You could buy a decent second hand car for that!

So how to make it cheaper? Well I have found and happily used 2 options below

A funky one cup cafetiere (click the sponsored image to see more). With a good bag of coffee grounds at about £3 – £4 per bag and the cup at about £8 your initial investment will be about £12. Sounds pricey but you will get at least 20 cups out of it. So you are now paying just 60p for your next 20 coffee’s and then after that just 17p or so. A big difference to £2.45 eh? I have had mine for about 4 years now and still use it.

But I like my latte’s and cappuccino’s I hear you cry! Well check this one below and see if it takes your fancy.

This is a cool machine (click the sponsored image to see more) which I still regularly use for my coffee. It takes small pods which give you as many latte’s and cappuccino’s as your heart desires. It has about 20 different flavours too so you can be a real barrista with this. At £45 it sounds pricey but is it? This funky little machine becomes worth it’s weight in no time. The drinks use either 1 or 2 pods depending on the drink but they work out to about 25p each. You can get the pods in most supermarkets for £4 for a pack of 16 but you can get them cheaper online. You should break even after about 2 boxes of pods (x32 pods).

So to recap if you carry on as you are you could spend around £2600 for 3 coffees per day for a year but if you bought the one cup cafetiere and packets of ground coffee you would only spend around £200 and if you bought a machine and used pods for your latte’s and cappuccino’s (2 pods each) it would be about £600. A saving of between £2000 and £2400 per year depending on which way you went.

If you work a regular job you would have to earn up to £3000 gross, just to pay for coffee AND that’s not taking into account the odd pastry here and there you pop on the side without thinking. Is buying coffee out worth it when you crunch the numbers? I’m not so sure.