The best stainless steel pots and pans set review

Not having enough cookware can be almost as frustrating as not having the right cookware. I have been caught out many times having to decant from one pan into another as I have not got the right sized pan.

Having learnt from my mistakes I am now a fan of the larger set. The days of grabbing a cheap 3 piece set is fine if you are cooking for one or if you are cooking a single or few items but what happens when you want to cook a proper meal?

Get the best stainless steel pots and pans set  for the money

It’s always a good idea to invest in some decent cookware if you do a lot of cooking. Buying cheaper sets will cost you more in the long run as they are just not as durable or well made.

Deciding on which set can be a bit of a minefield. I recommend going with stainless steel. Its usually well made, durable and will be easy to keep clean. Getting a larger set is also recommended as you will not have to worry about rationing your pot time or having to try and keep food warm in a bowl as you need that pan for something else.

ingenio pans


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FeaturesKarcher JasminTefal IngenioPrestige EverydayMorphy Richards EquipRussell Hobbs Fusion
Set items10 (including lids)16 (including lids)9 (including lids)12 (including lids)8 (including lids)
Induction useYNYYY
Dishwasher safeYYYYN

My top 5 rated pots and pans sets


Karcher 121008 Jasmin

I really like the Jasmine set by Karcher, you get a lot for your money. This is a 20 piece set which consists of 6 pans with glass lids and 4 storage bowls with plastic lids. The glass lids are my preference as you can see whats cooking and they are heat resistant as well. The build of these pans are good, the handles are welded on rather than screwed on so you will never get any loose handles on this set.

The pans can be used on all types of hob including induction making them suitable for any kitchen. The four extra bowls with lids are great for storing any extras you may have cooked and the lids are a snug fit to stop any smells getting into your fridge.

The set is dishwasher safe as well so if you are not into doing dishes, pop them into your dishwasher and relax!

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Tefal Ingenio

As a fan of smart storage solutions this set is perfect for me. The way it stacks so neatly is absolutely great!

I also love the fact that because you can remove the handles each pan doubles as an oven dish too and unlike most other pans there is a heat limit of 260 degrees c ( most can only go up to 180 degrees c, gas mark 4) so you can go from hob to oven and vice versa without worry.

You also get 2 hermetic lids which means you can simply pop a lid onto the cooled pan and put it into the fridge. You can get extra handles and lids separately too. In my opinion this has to be hands down the most versatile set of cookware you can get.

For the amount of items you get in the set (13 piece set reviewed) it takes up the smallest amount of room thanks to the removable handles and great design (40% less space, more if you factor in can be used for baking)

Given too that it is the most expensive of the sets reviewed when you factor in the fact you can use them in the oven you are saving on the cost of 5 oven dishes it makes it one of the most economical sets to get

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Prestige Everyday

prestige pans

The Prestige Everyday is a simple but elegant design which does what it says on the tin. This set looks good and does the job well. The lids are designed to be close fitting to help keep in the heat and cooking smells. The interior of the milk pan and frying pan havs a non stick coating which helps keep them nice and clean.

The handles have a nice ergonomic design which help to give them a nice feel and also stay firmly in your hand when you are cooking.

They are also oven safe up to 180c / 350f gas mark 4 making them handy when you want to finish something off in the oven.

One thing I like about these pans is they are quite deep. This helps to reduce boil overs when you have a pan on too high a heat, not to say they will be eliminated but the deeper sides means you may catch more of them in time if you are prone to this happening.

This set also comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Morphy Richards Equip

Like the name suggests the Morphy Richards Equip does equip you for the job. The set reviewed is an 8 piece set (12 with lids) and includes a steamer stack of a pan with 2 steamer inserts to make up the 3 tier stack.

I really like the lids on these pans, the pans have slight pouring spouts on either side to allow for left or right handed use and the lids are deep with holes set into the edge which lets you pour out and liquids whilst keeping the lid fully closed. A nice feature as with many other models you have to lid the lid and tip it slightly to strain the liquid and risk dropping everything into the sink.

The handles are quite nice too, heat resistant and ergonomically made to have a nice feel when using them. All in all a nice set of pans and with a 10 year warranty to back them up this set is worth investing in.

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Russell Hobbs Fusion

The Russell Hobbs Fusion set is a nice 5 piece set (8 with lids). At th lower price point you get a lot of cookware for your money. 4 different sized pans and a frying pan is pretty good value considering you can use them on all hob types including induction.

The handles are riveted and have silicon grips. With these handles however they don’t have any anti heat technology and as such are prone to getting quite hot.

None of the pans have any non stick coating either so as long as you are not too reliant on non stick to save your food you should be ok with these. As they are quite inexpensive they are also a bit lighter too so if you are not too strong these pans may actually be better for you.

The tempered glass lids finish off the polished finish of the pans nicely. Lastly they are not rated as dishwasher safe but as mentioned at this price point you are getting a basic set from a reputable manufacturer with basic features.

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As mentioned before I have a thing for getting the most uses out of something as possible to make whatever I buy to work out to be the most economical. The Tefal Ingenio set does just that for me. 40% less storage needed, doubles as oven dishes and fridge storage too. Extras also available like handles and lids. It’s a no brainer for me why I think this is the best set for me and probably you too.

Thanks for reading.

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