The best mini / small food processor reviews

When you have a smaller kitchen and you still need to chop, grind, puree and blitz key ingredients for your creations what do you do? A full size food processor is just too big and pricey so what alternatives are there?

Fortunately not only is there a machine for every budget there is also one for every size too! You no longer have to rely on the backs of spoons or rolling pins to get your favourite spices crushed for cooking. There are mini versions of the big boys designed with your small kitchen in mind.

The best rated mini food processor for the money

Clearly when you are making this purchase you want to ensure your mini food processor is up to the task. Unless you are paying a lot for one the quality can vary. Below is a selection of my top 5 mini food processors which I have reviewed for your convenience.

cuisinart mini food processor

My winning food processor. Check here for latest price information

FeaturesCuisinart MiniKenwood FP120Russell Hobbs DesireKenwood CH180Ninja Stackable
Power in Watts900W400W380W300W200W
Capacity0.6 litres1.4 litres0.5 litres0.35 litres0.6 litres

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Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

The Cuisinart mini is one hell of a machine. At first glance it seems similar in price to the full size low end food processors but that is where the similarity ends.

This small machine packs a lot of punch for it’s size. For starters it has a 900W motor, bigger than some full size models. I love this combined with the unique 2 directional function of the blades, a really neat idea. Forward for chopping with the sharp edge or reverse for grinding using the blunt edge, genuis!

Another great feature you don’t see on many mini choppers are the slots in the lid which allow you to add ingredients whilst in use, like oil for mayonnaise or pesto. I think more machines should have this as it makes the preparation more seamless when you can do it all in one go rather than stopping to open the lid and then close it again.

The Cuisinart bowl is quite a good size at 600ml, which is detachable and dishwasher safe. The lid has a safety feature preventing operation if not properly secured in place. I like this for 2 reasons, first safety and secondly no accidental spills or splashes.

Lastly given the slightly higher price point Cuisinart, confident in their product have supplied this machine with a 5 year warranty. This I feel is quite reassuring as they stand behind their product with this.

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Kenwood FP120 Compact Food Processor

The Kenwood FP120 is a big machine for a mini processor. Having said that it is still half the size of a full sized model so sits nicely in the mini/small range with the smaller footprint.

What I like most about this machine is the variety of attachments it comes with. You get 3 attachments with 2 blades which allow you to perform the usual, slicing, chopping, grating and grinding but also beating and whisking for eggs and cakes.

Another nice feature is the maxi blend canopy. It has a full safety interlock and the design increases the working capacity by 30% meaning you can do more at one time.

Lastly it has non slip feet and a wraparound cable storage when not in use to keep things nice and tidy. At a price point similar to the Cusinart you may feel you are not getting as good a machine but when you factor in all the extra attachments it makes up for it with the added versatility.

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Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper

The Russell Hobbs Desire is a nice looking stylish machine. It does the job well as a portable tabletop appliance and is lightweight and easy to move around.

What I like about this model is the glass bowl. With some food processors plastic bowls they can take on slight smells from more pungent ingredients over time but not this one. The unit ha a nice one handed operation which can be a life saver when you have something on the stove which needs stirring at the same time.

The bowl capacity is good for a mini processor at 0.5 litres and given it is such a small model it comes with a beefy 380 watt motor which is more than capable of chopping and grinding anything you put in it’s path.

Another feature I love about this is that you also get a filter lid for storage so you can simply take the blade out and pop the storage lid on and not have to worry about decanting the food into another container. Neat!

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Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper

Not surprisingly we see another Kenwood machine making the cut. This time with the CH180. At the lower price point this machine comes with no extras but that does not make it any less an attractive purchase.

I like the small footprint of this machine. At just 948g it’s one of the lightest mini food processors you can get which makes it easy to move and store. I really like the design of this one, it looks neat and a little futuristic.

It has a good 300 watt motor which has 2 speeds. This is quite a nice feature to have especially for a machine at the lower price range. You get one removable blade and the bowl is dishwasher safe too.

This Kenwood machine also features non slip feet and a cable tidy system which makes it dead handy and stores nicely when not in use

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Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper 200W

I love the Ninja Stackable chopper. It looks very funky and with 3 colours to choose from you should find one to match your kitchen.

The first point to note is the Ninja comes with 2 bowls not one! Giving you 2 sealable containers so you don’t have to decant your food after prepping it. I also like the one handed operation which frees up your other often needed hand to do other things.

The motor is 200 watts which is the smallest of the models reviewed but considering it’s a one handed mini version this is more than adequate for the job. At the low price range you get a lot for your money with the second sealable container. Given the containers are stackable too makes for yet another reason to give the Ninja chopper a go.

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If you have a need for a food processor on an occasional basis but not for everyday use then one of the mini processors listed above with more than suit your needs. As mentioned my personal preference is the Cuisinart mini. The dual patented reversible blades, the massive 900 watt motor as well as the huge 5 year guarantee really sold it for me and as such is my winning best rated mini food processor for the money hands down.

Thank you for reading.

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