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With our lives getting more and more busy by the day finding ways to get some of that time back is proving more and more difficult. In the kitchen there are hundreds of labour saving devices each designed to save you time and effort. The food processor, once considered to be a luxury now exists in many households and is proving to be an invaluable asset when it comes to time management, but which is the best food processor to buy?

Which is the best food processor to buy?

Have a look below to see my recommendations. I have based my results on a number of criteria, overall quality, value for money, and lower price models which won’t break the bank. Selecting your machine should be done in the same way, whether you are looking  for the best inexpensive food processor or if money is less of an issue the best food processor on the market.

Functionality should also play a large part in your decision based on what and how you like to cook. If you never chop nuts then a grinder will not be of much use to you, however if you are a smoothie fan then getting a processor with a blender attachment will be a better purchase option.

kenwood food processor

My winning food processor. Check here for latest price information

Whatever your goal I am confident I can help you get the best food processor for the money you have to spend.

The best food processors on the market for the money


FeaturesMagimix 5200XLKenwood KHH326WHPhilips HR7762/91Kenwood FPP220Andrew James Red
Power (Watts)1100W1000W400W750W700W
Capacity3.7 litres4.3 litres2.1 litres2.1 litres1.4 litres


Magimix 5200XL Food Processor

The Magimix food processor is a great machine. One of the things I like about this the most is the auto function for the speed. I am always needing to switch between speed settings so this is quite a cool feature for me as it automatically adjusts the power for what you are currently needing.

The motor is a quiet induction motor so if you are not a fan of excessive noise like me then this is great news. The motor is guaranteed for 30 years but then you feel the overall quality of the build with this processor. It weighs over double that of most processors which is not only testament to the power of the motor but also the durability.

The Magimix comes with 3 sizes of bowls which are tough and long lasting but also very cleverly stack inside one another to keep the space taken up by this machine to a minimum. It also comes with a BlenderMix, dough blade, egg whisk, Sabatier blades/discs and citrus press.

Whilst this is the most expensive of those I have recommended it is most certainly worth the spend. The build quality, durability and range of uses are second to none. Getting this top of the range food processor will most likely be one of the best purchases you will ever make and you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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Kenwood KHH326WH MultiOne

For me the winning choice here was the Kenwood MultiOne food processor. Is there nothing it cannot do? I just love the fact that it is a food mixer as well as a processor, blender, juicer and more.

As someone who makes a lot of cakes, meringues, soups and pastries the MultiOne was a clear winner. The huge 4.3 litre bowl is perfect for all your needs and the processor/mixer has 6 speeds so can handle anything from a slow pastry to a fast whisk for those super glossy meringues.

As this is a lift up food mixer as well as a food processor it does take up more space than most but if you have the space its worth it. It’s, in my opinion, one of the best food processors on the market you can get and what you get makes it super value for money too.

The Multi One as well as being a mixer/processor also comes with 3 x Bowl tools, a glass blender, citrus juicer,
splash guard, meat grinder, thick slicing and shredding disc, thin slicing and shredding disc and rasping disc

It’s hard for me to find any cons for this food processor as it literally does anything and everything. The only downside could be the space issue, if you are looking for something really small then this may not be for you otherwise it’s one of the best all rounders you could ever invest in.

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Philips HR7762/91 Compact 3-in-1

phillips food processor

The Philips Compact 3 in 1 does what it says on the tin. It’s 3 great machines in 1 and it’s quite a nice tidy compact unit too. If you are looking for a multi function processor at a price that suits then look no further than the 3 in 1.

The processor has a decent 750W motor with 2 speeds that can handle your every cooking prep need. The concealed inner shaft means no leaks from the bowl which is not only break resistant but dishwasher safe.

The blending jug is a nice addition which allows you to make many different kinds of juices, smoothies, drinks and soups. I love making soup and then blitzing it to give it that nice creamy smooth finish.

The grinder is another great attachment which I love. When I am making Thai curries there is nothing better than freshly ground nuts to give your dish that something extra. The nuts will grind down to a smooth paste which will enhance your food no end, not to mention you can use this for spices, coffee and even chocolate.

The Philips 3 in 1 comes with the blender jug,  mini chopper, blade unit, kneading tool, emulsifying disc, reversible slicing shedding disc (fine + course), granulating disc, french fry disc and accessory storage box.

At this price point it is a great mid range unit. It comes with enough extras to stop you from going elsewhere for your kitchen prep needs so for me this one is definitely on my recommendation list.

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Kenwood FPP225

The FPP225 is a great processor from Kenwood. Its no surprise they crop up twice on this list as Kenwood are synonymous with quality kitchen appliances.

The 750W motor is more than enough to get through anything you can throw at it. It chops, cuts grates, slices and blends. With 2 speeds and a pulse setting getting through your prep will be a breeze with this unit.

The FPP225 features an in bowl and dual drive system which provides more power to allow an increased usable bowl capacity so you can do more faster.

It comes with a blender jug, a cutting blade, a grating/slicing blade and an emulsifying disc. Less than some of the units at a higher price point but despite that the Kenwood FPP225 represents great value for money.

For those with a small kitchen and/or budget this is a perfect machine.

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Andrew James Food Processor In Red

The Andrew James Red food processor is the cheapest of the bunch but by no means inferior. It holds it’s own despite being small in stature. The processor is perfect for those smaller families of for those with a truly tiny kitchen.

The processor bowl is 1.4 litres just right for those smaller jobs but just big enough to cope with larger family meals. I particularly like this processor purely for the value for money it represents. You get a chopper blade, slicer blade, shredding blade, emulsifying disc, kneading blade, citrus juicer and chip cutter with this funky red unit as well as a decent sized 1.8 litre blending jug.

The 2 speed 700W motor with pulse is more than capable of dealing with you kitchen needs and does so whilst looking cool to boot!

If you are looking to get a trendy looking food processor without breaking the bank then this is the one for you.

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As mentioned at the very beginning the Kenwood MultiOne is my personal favourite as it offers you more by way of capacity, features and versatility but saying that it’s my preference for my situation. All of the food processors I have reviewed have their merits and your choice over which one to choose will largely come down to your own situation and budget.

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