best homemade lamb burger

Simple recipe for the best homemade lamb burger


best homemade lamb burger

I love a good burger but they have to be good and I mean good! I found the best way to get the best burger for me was to make my own, not only can you make one in the same time it takes to go and buy one but you know exactly what’s in it and it’s a fraction of the cost.

I first had a lamb burger at my local pub many moons ago and thought it was one of the most amazing things I had ever tasted. Now that was *cough* *cough* a long time ago but my love for them has not waned.

I have been cooking now for many years and if there is one thing I have learnt with lamb it’s less is more. When I thought about what you need to make a good homemade lamb burger it’s not that much. When you see the ingredients for this simple lamb burger recipe you will most likely think it will not taste of much.

After you have made it and tasted it, however, you will probably want to tell your family and friends.

Simple Lamb Burger Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes

 Cook time:  20-25 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

 Serves: 6

 Calories per serving: 394

 Cost per serving: £ 0.99p



Minced lamb 500g

1 tablespoon plain flour

1 egg

250g halloumi cheese

2  tsp dried mint

6 burger buns

salad as required

salt and pepper to taste


Combine the lamb mince with the flour, egg, mint, salt and pepper. Mix until the ingredients are thoroughly combined. You may notice the mixture is a little wet but this is fine. It’s important you do not rush this part or you may end up with an imbalance of flavours and seasoning. This is key with all burger making really but more so with the delicate flavours of lamb.

Split the mixture into 6 equal portions and roll into a ball before pressing gently into a flattened patty shaped disc. If you are making mini lamb slider type burgers then you can split the mixture into 12

Place into a frying pan with no oil on medium heat. You will not need any oil as the fat from the lamb will be enough to cook with. You will need to cook them for about 10 minutes on each side depending on how thick you have made them. If you have made a little thicker then you may need to reduce the heat slightly so they cook thoroughly and not just on the outside. When they are cooked through they should feel very firm when pressed with a spatula.

While the burgers are cooking slice the halloumi into 6 thin slices and place under the grill and grill until the halloumi begins to brown. It may take a while as this is quite a rubbery cheese, It will sweat and wilt first before browning at the last minute

When ready place the lamb burger and the halloumi onto a bun and garnish with salad.



Food Hacks

Patties can be frozen if not all needed at once.

Serve with spicy wedges for a nice meal.

Can also, for variation be served with Tzatziki, hummus or minted yoghurt.

For a nice Moroccan style burger add 2 teaspoons of Ras El Hanout to the mixture before cooking.

2 Replies to “Simple recipe for the best homemade lamb burger”

  1. maria

    I have never added halloumi cheese to my burgers… I like this idea! Can’t wait for the snow to melt so that we have access to our backyard shed to get the barbecue out… yes we still have snow! In fact, this morning we woke up to a couple of centimeters on the ground. Mother nature playing an April Fool’s joke 🙂 Fantastic recipe Lee, pinning to try, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • The Wooden Chef

      You are most welcome, I hope you love it as much as I do. If you get the halloumi when it is a nice golden brown you will find it crispy, firm with a nice level of saltiness which goes really well with the lamb, especially if you put a nice big dollop of minted yoghurt on top 🙂

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