My best multi cooker reviews ( top 5 )

When it comes to saving both time and money there is no better investment than getting a multi function cooker for your kitchen. Please read on to see my top 5 multi cooker reviews including my overall recommendation for my personal favourite.

If you are as busy as I am, which I am sure most of you are then it’s a no brainer as you can be getting on with other more pressing things while your food cooks.

If you are not cooking for many people then it’s a great way to cook extra meals to save you even more time.

Rather than fill your freezer with ready meals which contain way too many hidden ingredients like sugars, flavour enhancers like msg, and preservatives (ever wonder why food you cook goes off in a week and theirs lasts a few months?)

Multi Cooker reviews



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Why a multi cooker over a conventional slow cooker?

Well for me this is also another no brainer. Do you really want to have a separate pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer in your kitchen? Unless you have the space to put all that I imagine many people would rather have as few as possible, not to mention the cost of buying all these separate items.

Getting a multi cooker is, in my opinion, the best option. They are not expensive, they have so much versatility and will pay for themselves in next to no time.


My top 5 multi cooker reviews


FeaturesInstant Pot DuoMorphy Richards IntellichefTefal Multi CookerCrock-Pot Multi-Cooker,JML Go Chef
Capacity8 litres5 litres2.2 litres5.6 litres5 litres
Number of functions78858


Instant Pot Duo V2 8 Litre,7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

One of the things I love about the Instant Pot is that it is a pressure cooker as well. This actually speeds up cooking time between 2 to 6 times, depending on what you are cooking and also uses much less electricity too. It’s silent and does not vent steam like other cookers so your kitchen will not fog up or take on those food smells while using this pot.

This is the only one I have recommended which also makes yoghurt. If you are a fan of fresh yoghurt then you will love making your own in this. Once you do you will never want to go back to shop bought yoghurt again.

Another great feature,which I am a huge fan of is the size, it does come in 2 sizes, a 6 or 8 litre capacity. I have reviewed the 8 litre here as for me I would much rather have the extra capacity as I cook in bulk and prefer to have the option of the larger size.

The Instant pot comes with 14 smart programs built in as well as a 24 hour timer. It also has an automatic warming feature which holds the temperature of the cooked food for up to 10 hours.

Safety is paramount with this model as well as it has 10 in built safety features such as auto cutoff’s, pressure sensors and temperature sensors.

If you love your meats tender and falling off the bone, curries full of flavour and many more dishes like this then this is the appliance for you!

The learning curve for using a pressure cooker if you never have can be quite steep so prepare to have a few misses along with your hits until you get the hang of it. But as a huge fan of pressure cooking I recommend you have a go as once you do you will love the results and will wonder what you ever did without one.

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Morphy Richards 48615 Intellichef Multicooker

Morphy Richards has always been synonymous with quality and this multicooker does just that. It comes in at a lower price point and has 8 great functions for you to enjoy. It’s predominantly a slow cooker and this does the job well with 9 temperature settings and a clear glass lid to show you exactly how your food is doing at any stage during the cooking process.

If you are after versatility without breaking the bank then this could be the one for you. The extra’s include a basket for frying so you can have those chips as and when you like. a raised tray for steaming if you prefer healthier options too and a low tray for grilling.

Like other lower priced slow cookers this does not come with an auto shutoff feature. However if you are going to slow cook a meal then you will not be using a high temperature so as long as you use the slow cooker as per the manufacturers instructions you will be fine.

This model also comes with a long 2 year warranty to boot so not only can you enjoy many great meals from this nice, well priced unit, you can do so knowing you are fully covered for 2 years in case anything were to go wrong with it.

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Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 Multi Cooker

I love this Tefal multi cooker. I think it has really been undersold as a lot of people see the front panel setting of 3 types of rice, grains, porridge, slow cook, steam and dessert and think it’s predominantly a rice cooker, even Tefal promotes it as such. This could not be further from the truth.

If you like stews with nice slow cooked meats which just fall apart, nice spicy rice cooked to perfection, steamed vegetables and fish then this may be the one for you.

The timer function is great which allows you to set it and forget it. It also has a warmer option too so if you come back later than anticipated it will keep your food nice and warm and ready to eat.

The dessert function also lets you be more creative with your cooking projects. Like cake? Who doesn’t, I know I do. Make yourself yummy cakes the whole family will enjoy without you stressing over the oven.

One of the drawback, especially if you have a larger family is the capacity. At just 2.2 litres this holds the least but after saying that it does have a nifty carrying handle which lets you move it around easily from say kitchen to dining room with ease. This will obviously let you keep the food warmer and will save a bit on washing up too by bringing it straight to the table.

If you are always dashing around then this may be the one for you, wake up to ready made porridge, then quickly prep it to have a nice dinner waiting for you when you get home, hours saved every week where you need them the most.

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Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker


Crock Pot is another household name and this multi cooker does not disappoint. Using 5 main preset functions you can roast, steam, bake, sear and slow cook all from this one machine.

At the higher price point this multi cooker has a wide range of extra functionality you would expect. I really like the ability to manually control the temperature to suit my personal preferences and with the Crock Pot you can go from 65 degrees to 230. You can also increase the cook time up to 12 hours if needed,

Another great feature is the saute option, this will let you make faster meals like stir fry dishes which means you can use this without ever needing to go near your cooker.

Roasting and baking is a nice feature to have in such a versatile unit like this, when cooking a joint of meat it can take quite some time so if you are needing your oven for a number of things then not having to keep it occupied for hours is a another handy benefit of being able to roast in the multi cooker.

With fewer functions and a higher price this could be enough to put people off of this unit but when you see just what you can do with it you will fast realise it has so much to offer and because it’s made by Crock Pot you know it’s built to last.

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JML Go Chef 8 in 1 Non-Stick Multi Cooker

This multi cooker from JML is another little gem. At the lower price point it does not disappoint boasting 8 features which include roasting, steaming, slow cooking and boiling.

I like the fact that this multi cooker offers a lot for a little, you not only get a huge 5 litre multi cooker but it also comes with a basket for frying, a high rack for steaming and a low rack for roasting.

It has 2 controls making it dead easy to use. A temperature dial which lets you cook up to 240 degrees, perfect for frying etc. A timer which allows you to set a reminder for up to 2 hours.

At the lower price point you do not get as much functionality as some of the more pricier models but this is to be expected. You don’t get an auto shut off feature nor do you have a warmer option, for example.

One thing which may make this your go to choice, I’m guessing if you hold a lot of parties, is the fondue feature. As the JML multi cooker has a 5 litre capacity that makes for a lot of fondue so I’m guessing this option would be most useful for die hard entertainers (just my observation) but like most multi cookers the various settings and options have a habit of being used for other more suitable/preferable methods thus increasing their appeal.

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As mentioned at the very beginning the Instant Pot is my personal favourite as it offers you more by way of capacity, features and versatility but saying that it’s my preference for my situation. All of the multi cookers I have reviewed have their merits and your choice over which one to choose will largely come down to your own situation and budget.

Thank you for reading.


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