As with all my recipes a good set of kitchen utensils should not cost you the earth. Here are a list of the items I use all the time. You don’t need to spent hundreds but you do need to find quality items.

What's what kitchen equipment list

Good knives

An essential when cooking, I use three main knives regularly. A small paring knife for peeling and fine work, medium sized for chopping vegetables and meats. A large for chopping larger items such as meat joints and large vegetables.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Sharpening steel

As with your knives a good steel is also great to have as you can keep your knives constantly sharp and as such in good working order. Despite our go to response a sharper knife is actually safer as it’s less likely to slip off what you are cutting and onto your fingers.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Kitchen scissors

Great for snipping herbs, opening packets, and getting into hard to reach areas of food for example when skinning and boning a chicken.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Measuring cups and spoons

A standard item but essential in cooking to ensure you not only get the recipe correct but that you also keep your creations consistent.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Spoons and spatulas

you will obviously be stirring, folding and moving things constantly so a good set of these is needed. You don’t need hundreds but a couple of each is ideal.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Mixing bowl

Essential for combining ingredients prior to cooking. If you need more than one get different sizes so you can stack them inside each other saving you space too.


What's what kitchen equipment list


When making sauces, desserts and more it may be necessary to get air into your mixture or even get some lumps out you may have accidentally put in.


What's what kitchen equipment list


A good set of tongs will help you grab hot food and also turn it over without taking the hairs off your hands.


What's what kitchen equipment list


Not only for potato mash, can be useful for mashing vegetables, pushing butter through food and more. Never underestimate a good masher.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Rolling pin

Great for baking and rolling out pastry, it’s also good for flattening meat to make escalopes, crushing ice, nuts and whatever else you need broken down.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Plastic clips

Chances are you will not be using all of every ingredient you buy when making something so these are a must for you to keep things fresh until you need them again.


What's what kitchen equipment list

Pastry Brush

Good for brushing water and/or milk over pastry or even egg to give it a nice glaze or finish.


Food Processor

A good food processor is also nice to have, have a look at this one, it’s great for soups and also has attachments for milling dry ingredients like nuts and is pretty decent value for what is does.


Slow cooker

Another great to have item. This is great for delicious moist meats and sticky ribs as well as tasty stews and other great dishes.