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Welcome to the What’s What Kitchen. As the name suggests we are here to show you what’s what. From tips and tricks to make your food budget go further to giving you recipes for great money saving meals you will be able to create easily in the comfort of your own home so you can go from this:

money saving meals

To this:

money saving meals

In no time at all with little to no experience and hardly any cost to you. All the meals made here have a budget in mind and are made easily so you do not have to be a top chef or rich (unlike some recipes you see online) to make delicious money saving healthy meals like the one shown above.

If you want meals that:

  1. Cost next to nothing ( All my meals cost less than £1 per serve*)
  2. Are easy to prepare
  3. Taste Great
  4. Cost next to nothing (See what I did? 🙂 you did say cheap right?)

Then check out my recipe blog where each week I will be adding another great recipe for you to try and enjoy. My motto is that you do not have to spend a lot to eat well. Please subscribe so you do not miss out on the many updates, recipes and news as soon as it hits the press.

Why not head over to our shopping tips page where you can get a comprehensive list of tricks and tips of how to shop more wisely to save you hundreds if not thousands each year. There is a nifty 5 step infographic we have developed to make everything easier to remember whenever you shop.

When you buy smarter you will find you save on grocery shopping. When you buy ingredients for money saving meals which you can use on multiple dishes you will learn how to save food and reduce wastage.

It’s not only shopping smart that can reduce costs and waste, gadgets can also help. Why not have a look at my product reviews? I only review gadgets and tech that I believe in so check it out and hopefully I can point out some great ideas to help you save both time and money.

*Occasionally using food hack but this will not sacrifice taste.

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