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Tasty Pad Thai recipe (with prawns)

Having spent a few years living in Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh) I often found myself visiting friends who worked at the Thai embassy. We would go out for dinner and they would poke fun at me as I marvelled at the ‘modern’ sights of Bangkok, the Sky train (BTS), the spotless malls and the cinema. I…read more

Easy, healthy and simple salmon soup recipe

  I am not a huge seafood fan if I must be honest but when I do have seafood it has to really float my boat. This salmon soup does just that. I really like it because it’s creamy and warming. It’s a real comfort food for me. There’s nothing like sitting down with a…read more

Thai red curry soup with prawns and coconut (best recipe)

I have quite a few family and friends who like seafood so it’s always nice to give them quite a surprise when they are expecting a dish with some subtle flavours but instead they get a dish with big flavours, nice and creamy and with a real zing to finish. Having visited a few countries…read more